Our Company

Taking any DUSTY idea and bringing it to life with DESIGN

A Digital Agency

Not having a physical location helps us keep our overhead as low as possible which in turn keeps our pricing very competitive.

Forward Thinking

We pride ourselves on always thinking of new ways to stay a step ahead of the current trends. 

Problem Solvers

Bringing any issues to our immediate attention is paramount to giving our clients a top quality product and experience.  

Customer Support

Need help? Please contact us ASAP so we can resolve any issues or answer any questions you may have. Our response time is always within 24 hours!

Chris (aka Dust)

Chris (aka Dust)

CEO, Lead Designer, Graphic Artist

I’m the founder and CEO of DustIIDesign. Thank you all for coming and checking us out. I look forward to talking to you and discussing Your New Brand!

Our Story

We came together as an inspiration.    Seeing on all of the social media’s these “cookie cutter” brands and themes made our CEO, Chris (aka Dust), cringe. He decided then and there to create this company to help his clients bring their business, or hobby, to the professional level, at an affordable cost. 

Some time has passed and DustIIDesign has grown 600% in it’s first year of business. With a record of ZERO unsatisfied clients we continue to grow and expand our services. We pride ourselves with not only giving our clients their new brand but also sharing on our own social media’s to get them a little extra attention. 

We look forward to working with you and bringing your brand to the next level!